Spring 2017 STS Research Symposium and Poster Presentation
Friday, April 28, 4-5:30 pm
DCC Great Hall

Participating classes
Lee Nelson's Science, Technology and Society -- 7 posters
Steve Bremen's Science, Technology and Society – 8 posters
Langdon Winner's Design, Culture and Society – about 12 posters
Leo Bchinger's Environment and Politics – 3 posters
Thomas DePree's Environment and Politics – 5 posters
Dean Nieusma's Engineering Ethics – 6 posters
Sustainability Education -- 26 posters

Tips for Good Poster Design

Formatting Posters
30x40 (and other size) poster templates

You can download poster templates from the above link into powerpoint and then style the poster in powerpoint. Downloading from the link above will ensure that powerpoint resizes the slide to the appropriate height and width for a poster.
For additional help formatting the poster, you can watch this youtube video (start around 2:30 since you already have a template)

If you want the posters to have good quality graphics and text, students may alternatively make their posters in a graphics editing program that allows them to set their document quality to 300ppi—so Photoshop or Illustrator. Posters made in Powerpoint or Word will still print, but will have lower quality graphics and text.

Printing Posters

Convert poster files to PDF before sending to the printer to facilitate a predictable print out.

NEVER send PowerPoint or Adobe Creative Suite (e.g., Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) files to the printers.

How to print posters in the VCC:

The cost for a standard color plot on normal paper is $2/foot, and glossy paper is $2.75/foot. The paper is physically 36” wide, so the cost is calculated by the other measurement. For a 30” by 40” poster, that would print on 36” by 40” of paper and would cost $2 * 3.33” = $6.67 for a normal paper plot, and $2.75 * 3.33” = $9.17.

Examples of student poster presentations at NASA

Another example:

  1. Be sure to print your poster at least a day before it is due. The print queue can be quite long at the end of the semester, and you may not receive your poster until a few hours after you print it.